XB One X Coverage


Did you all not do coverage and get setup for live previews for Xbox One X because of timing (the move, etc…). I really enjoy Paul’s takes on this stuff and Windows Central thankfully had plenty of information.

With Paul’s interest in the console, I just didn’t understand why you dealt with so little of the preorder/review opportunities.

Deliberate or timing? Didn’t feel the need?

Curious Chris

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    I'm not sure what you mean: I posted about the preorder immediately, when the NDA expired, and wrote morning-after articles about the other related announcements.




  2. ChristopherCollins

    I was referencing the Project Scorpio edition differences, etc... Your site is second for me every day (email first) and I know you have been extremely inconvenienced lately, so I was wondering why there wasn't something like this:


    Or at least the bullet point article about the exact differences between models.