Hi, I have an Acer laptop that is locking up after several days. throughout the past year I’ve reinstalled windows(10) and its fluid but then it will eventually slow to a crawl – sometimes never reaching the desktop after sign in because of what reason i don’t know – here are the facts: i did damage the original harddrive from a drop 2 years ago but replaced it with an old toshiba laptop battery – after a repair guy inspected it he said that year it was all that was wrong with it. The question: is it my hard drive that’s faulty or am I doomed to shell out money i don’t have for a whole nother computer? any advice is appreciated guys

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  1. seapea

    get a Samsung 850 SSD kit that includes the cable and software to migrate the OS from your present harddrive.

  2. offTheRecord

    "replaced it with an old toshiba laptop battery"

    Do you mean an old laptop hard drive? If so, as suggested, buy a cheap 128 GB or 256 GB SSD and give that a try. It'll probably be noticeably faster than an old spinning HDD.

  3. jimchamplin

    Third for getting an SSD. You'll love the difference.