Windows 10 1809 – did they fix WOL so it will wake up a shutdown desktop? - Edit Thread


Today I sent a magic packet to wake my desktop computers – the one which should not have started – Asrock EXtreme-4 running Windows 10 1809 actually woke up? Retested by shutting it down and sending a wake-up magic packet from my phone and watched it start through the boot cycle, into Windows 10.

Follow up – I have confirmed – same method as above – my other 2 desktop computers (GA-MA-790GP and GA-P35DS3L) running Windows 10 1809 have been woken via magic packet from shutdown – not sleep, or hibernation.

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  1. locust infested orchard inc

    It would appear that Clint Eastwood (The Man with No Name) has left his trademark cowboy hat and gun holster for Windows 10 networking.

    Even the tough guys know the advantages of Windows over other pseudo-OSes that are in serious need of pondering over some thought provoking questions, such as, "you've gotta ask yourself one question: 'Do I feel lucky?' Well, do ya, punk?"

    (Hint: answer is evidently not a chance in hell.)