OUtlook (Android) wont connect to Gmail



Outlook is acting weired since 3am or so today. Its asking me to reconnect/sign-in my Gmail account and whenever i try to do that it fails to complete the process, i have tried atleast 10 times or more but nothing has worked till now. Anyone knows why this is happening or if you are facing something similar?

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  1. wright_is

    Has it been revoked by Google? Look in the security section of your Google account and see if there are any warnings there. Also look to see if Outlook on the device is registered.

    Do you have 2FA activated on your Google account?

    • Kudupa

      In reply to wright_is:

      Yea i tried everything including removing the account and trying to add it back but unfortunately nothing was usful. So, ended up adding outlook email to Gmail app (UI of which i dont like). Welp whatever, i will go back to this after few days to see problem solves itself or not.

  2. minke

    If you have 2FA setup on your Gmail account you can't use your regular password for the Outlook app. You must generate a special app password from your account section in Gmail, then use that password when you log in to the Outlook app.