Cannot Log In – Safari on iPhone 8 Plus


When I try to log in on my iPhone to access Premium content, the log in screen does not work. It pops up, but the cursor is all over the place (not in the text boxes) and I cannot check the box “Remember Me”, so it is asking me to log in every time. I have not tried other browsers. Is the site compatible with Safari?

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  1. AlphaCluster

    I have am having this issue as well. Will this be fixed as currently it is impossible to access premium content on my iPhone.

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  3. wright_is

    Working for me (Firefox on Android).

    Try narrowing it down, use Firefox or Chrome and see if it has the same problem (if so, it is a problem with the underlying website rendering engine on iOS, if they don't have the same problem, it is a problem specific to Safari). This will help the developers narrow down the problem.