Gathering data for ongoing support ticket



I know you prefer site issues to be handled through tech support. I respect that however I am gathering data for an ongoing support ticket so I hope you’ll allow this post to stand and not be deleted.

Can anyone confirm that when viewing forum post “Apple bashing now ok?” whilst not being a subscriber that you are taken to a full page Thurrott Premium ad and are unable to view the post?

If you sit your mouse on it the word “premium” is in the url. Of the five forum posts on the main page it is the only one with “premium” in the url. I checked the main Forum page and found one more with “premium” in the url. That is the “Activate new Startmenu in Windows 10 20H1” forum post.

I am asking for this information as support are telling me I’m the only one who has reported this.

I’m in Australia and it may even be a regional issue.

Thank you.

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