High GPU usage on articles on Thurrott.com


Anyone noticing high GPU usage when viewing an article on Chrome? I realized my laptop started running warm and I realized this was the cause. It happens only when viewing an article.

I uploaded a youtube video showing this in action: https://youtu.be/d0i9PqiCRro

It happens only in Chrome so I guess it’s some kind of bug.

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  1. Tim

    So i'm not able to replicate this on my machine on Thurrott but this is the type of reason I recently switched to Firefox. I'll keep an eye on this though. Are you certain it was the Thurrott tab? Could it have been a weird ad displaying?

  2. Nicholas Kathrein

    He's mining crypto when you viewing his articles. It's hard to get premium members. Seems like a fair trade to me,

    ****I'm only joking. But do it Paul. Do it!******

  3. jimchamplin

    CPU not getting over 10% on the highest spikes.