Purple Cookie Banner Wont Cancel Out In Android Brave


The X doesnt work to get rid of notice.

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  1. wright_is

    It also kept re-appearing for some reason in Firefox yesterday. I'd cancel it and a few minutes later, I'd load up Thurrott again (over Feedly) and the banner would be displayed again.

    But it seems to be behaving itself at the moment.

  2. Thom77

    To be clear, ive never been able to get rid of it once it started appearing the other day.

    The site it sends you too if you click "here" has the same pop up ad and I've been able to get rid of that one permanently

  3. jimchamplin

    It wants you to be certain. See the Purple Cookie Banner. WANT the purple cookies. NEED the purple cookies



    Note: The cookies pictured are not purple. They’re only for illustration. Also this is silly.

  4. earlster

    It's been showing for me on Firefox on Windows, on both my work and home machines for a few days now, an no amount of clicking the X makes it go away. I'll e-mail help later when I have some time.