Thanks for all the work on


Hi Paul,

It´s just that we dont do it that often to say THANK YOU to you and the team at for the work you do. I really appreciate it.

For you, your family and the team happy holidays.

Christian aka Sherlock Holmes

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    Thank you, sir. To you as well,


  2. jimchamplin

    Hear, hear! I strongly second this. The team at is top notch, and we'll, there's a reason that this is one of the few sites I give my hard earned money to support.

  3. lwetzel

    All this!!! And More!

  4. navarac

    Agreed, must be frustrating and difficult at times, dealing with us lot as well.

  5. sherlockholmes

    Strange. My post in the forums didnt show up at first. Thats why I posted it again "Ask Paul". Oh well.

  6. wright_is

    Yes, the team has done a great job.

    Happy holidays to one and all.

  7. justme

    Adding my own thanks and appreciation to the pile. As the others have said, appreciate the job, diligence, and effort you and the team put in, Paul. Thanks for what you do.

  8. jchampeau

    Me too, to all of this! Most of all I appreciate the journalistic integrity that undergirds the writing here.

  9. mcerdas

    Let me add my small congratulations to Mr. Thurrot ands his team. May he continue regaling us his excellent writing for a long time to come!

  10. vladimir

    Thank you