Thurrott Now – wish the feed was continuous, not date-specific


I really like the Thurrott Now feature. I’ve made it one of my default tabs on my browser. One thing that I would like is for the feed list to be continuous and not day-specific. I occasionally miss days in reading and would just like to be able to scroll through the list without having to select each day that I want to view.


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  1. KPixel

    Upvoted !

    At the very least, it would be nice to have "Previous" & "Next" Day links at the bottom of each page. Right now, we have to scroll back up, click on the little calendar icon, and pick the correct date to go to.

  2. JHeredia

    I third this motion. I'd love it if it was an app with read/unread or an RSS feed, but a continuous list would be a start or at least a previous/next as suggested by KPixel

  3. Paul Thurrott

    Thanks for this. Will discuss with Tim. We do have plans for a stream-type feature that may solve this issue.

  4. JudaZuk

    I wish there was a way to turn off 'Thurrott Now' from showing up on the start page. I find it makes the page look even more cluttered then it is already starting to become.

    Right now there is things all over the place on the first page.. and well...I personally fell it is hard to find anything on the page anymore . .

    If there was a way to turn off parts you never use on the page (when you are logged in of course so it is a preference that is saved) Then the people that like this new feature like ex. Thurrott Now can have it visible ... and people like me that more find it annoying not having show up ... and have a cleaner experience

  5. Brandonlpierce

    Count me in on this.

  6. madthinus

    Second that!

  7. coldunn

    I would be happy with Next Day / Previous Day arrows somewhere on the page to avoid having to use the calendar. Preferably in a position that does not change due to the length of the day being shown. Laziness to the extreme to not have to move the mouse!

  8. madthinus

    It would be great if it was a separate website, one continues feed like twitter.