If you could send Brad and Paul anywhere to do anything.


Doing a little thinking outside the box.

If you could send Paul and I anywhere to review or do anything…make a video of it, write about it etc; where would you send us?

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  1. lordbaal1

    To the moon Alice.

  2. OhSoMuchFun

    Iceland and interview CCP games.

    And dress up as vikings.

  3. anchovylover

    Given my last suggestion has been deleted or disappeared I'll try to make a serious suggestion. Given NASA runs W10 now how about the two of you go the International Space Station and review how MS is integrated in the ISS? How great would that trip be?

  4. matsan

    Do a Wallraff at Best Buy and ask for their advice on what computer to spec out and buy.

  5. andrewtechhelp

    Australia. If you came to Brisbane, I'd be happy to show you around :P

    • You could trial downloading the Creators Update, Visual Studio 2017 or any major Xbox game on an ADSL connection with a download cap ;)
    • You could see the wealth of options available in Bing Australia
    • You could broadcast live from the only Microsoft Store in the Southern Hemisphere (Sydney)!
    • Plus we're a very nice and safe country to drive around with awesome stuff to see (provided you ignore Apple Maps when it tells you to drive into isolated areas because they mapped the town in the wrong spot)

    There's just interesting tech things to talk about here too such as:

    • The fact that our dominant method of consuming TV is via free to air, but that's slowly changing as all the free to air stations start to provide free live streaming of their content and our internet gets slowly better and services like Netflix and Amazon Prime arrive.
    • The rollout (highs and lows) of a National Broadband Network, a government program designed to get the whole country a (hopefully suitable) base level of internet.

  6. rameshthanikodi

    China. Write about how Microsoft services work there, especially Chinese Cortana (Xiao Na) works there, but i'm not sure if Xiao Na would revert back to regular Cortana if you switch it to English.

    And of course write about how they use Android without the Play Store and Google services, their use of a single app for everything - mobile payment, mobile shopping, mobile banking, I hear it's all rolled into one app, and it's WeChat. Apparently WeChat is sort of like a platform where other devs can plug into their APIs into and build their own marketplace in the app or something.

    Language barrier is going to be a little tough to overcome, though.

  7. rameshthanikodi

    Oh, I have another one! Japan! I believe everyone should visit Japan at least once in their lifetime. Even if there is nothing for you guys to write about, Japan is still absolutely worth the visit. You'll be amazed at how civic-minded and polite their society is, and just how clean everything is. Tokyo completely changed the way I think about public transit - no one drives in Tokyo, because getting around by train is much faster. It's a city that was designed for humans (be prepared to walk alot), not cars and roads. This is despite them being the home of amazing car makers like Toyota and Honda!

  8. rameshthanikodi

    I'm not sure if Singapore ever crossed your mind, but there might be something here for you guys. My country is doing lots of IOT stuff, plus there's a huge Big Data play that's been going on for a while, it is used to plan and inform lots of things. The founder of Razer is a Singaporean, though I believe he is residing in the states right now. Singapore is also the home of Creative, although i'm not sure what they do these days. Lots of banks here trying to innovate in the financial space using technology. There are a few firms testing self-driving cars here too, if that's your kind of thing.

  9. rameshthanikodi

    Last one (I swear) but maybe check out Banglore, India...I hear they're the silicon valley of india. Or maybe Hyderabad, India...I hear they're heavy on technology, and it is where Satya Nadella came from!

  10. harmjr

    How about turning the larger Microsoft Stores see if you can do FRD from them.

  11. spacecamel

    Google IO. I would like to see the Microsoft perspective from the "lions den".

  12. Vuppe

    Phone test while skydiving. Grab some of the latest devices from MWC, maybe the new Nokia for Paul. Go skydiving and test the phones in freefall.

    Or, probably more helpful, take the Icelandic Ring Road with the newest iPhone, Pixel and Sony (or other fancy phones). See what has the best point-and-shoot pictures. Stop at hot springs. It's a really beautiful trip and not the easiest on people and technology. Could be a pretty great opportunity. Seeing side-by-side comparisons of photos and videos is really cool and Iceland is a relatively inexpensive, yet very exciting location to do it. You could also bring and review laptops for travel.

  13. lecter

    Google I/O or WWDC, as soon enough Microsoft will probably be irrelevant outside the office :P

  14. inlocoabsentia

    How about E3 or PAX?

  15. helix2301

    I agree with lecter Google I/O or WWDC

  16. Polycrastinator

    Amazon. I think their impact on personal technology and how it's going to impact our lives in the future remains underrated.

  17. Brad Sams

    Think bigger...like Brad and Paul drive from NYC to SF and review a phone or camera or ride a horse across a mountain.

  18. WP7Mango

    The moon!

  19. Chris_Kez

    Travel anywhere outside the US and highlight the dismal availability of Microsoft services.

  20. Jules Wombat

    South Korea, sample  SK Gaming, superior Internet and new Asian Tech and latest Samsung hardware. See how Microsoft Products and Services are perceived in Asia.

  21. Polycrastinator

    Send Brad to Africa? [ducks]

  22. TheJoeFin

    it was mentioned on First Ring Daily, but a road trip from Boston to Seattle for Build would be cool. You could stop in a bunch of different places:

    * New York

    * Pittsburgh

    * Cincinnati

    * Indianapolis

    * Chicago

    * Milwaukee

    * Minneapolis

    * Omaha

    * Denver

    * Salt Lake City

    * Boise

    * Portland

    * Seattle!