what the tech – best / worst of 2021


Suggestion: Wrap up What the Tech with a best / worst of 2021 episode. Then put some closure to the podcast so I can remove it from my list. It was a good podcast — deserves a finale.

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  1. Paul Thurrott

    I haven't heard from Andrew since March 18. So that is not going to happen, sorry.

  2. ben55124

    I hope Paul didn't let it slip that WWE was scripted. Oh well, Paul and Andrew made a good podcasting duo while it lasted.

  3. j5

    This might be out of bounds to say...but oh well. There's been a few What the Tech podcasts, from the more recent ones where the vibe between Paul and Andrew was off, like they were both in different places if that makes sense. It wasn't like watching Paul and Brad where it's familiar and you know what's coming, you understand their vibe, their friendship...if that makes sense. I enjoyed the earlier What the Tech pods but the more recent ones just felt different. I wasn't that bummed when they stopped because I stopped watching them.

  4. bschnatt

    I like Andrew, but it always felt like he was just going through the motions for that podcast. Not always, but often. I don't think his heart has been in it for a long time before y'all quit...

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