I draw the line at Snapchat


Don’t get me wrong; I fully embraced the decision to widen the scope of coverage versus the WinSupersite days. I was fine when we started getting articles about iOS and Android; Microsoft makes a lot of apps for those platforms after all. I was okay with the iPhone reviews– it is the standard-bearer for mobile devices. I nodded along happily as the Android device reviews started rolling in; okay, lots of former WP users are migrating to Android right alongside Microsoft, and it is the dominant personal computing platform. I even started digging into some of the IOT and smart-speaker coverage– I mean, ambient computing and voice control are the next wave am I right? I remain a bit skeptical about AR/VR, but I even dip into those; hey, all the big players are in there mixing it up this year, and its a big focus for Windows.

And then… I saw Mehedi’s tweet this afternoon about the first Snapchat article on Thurrott.com. [record scratch] Sure enough there it was. I didn’t click on it. I won’t even open it just to comment. I don’t want to give it the page view. No, this is where I say “enough”. A man has to draw the line somewhere, and for me Snapchat is it.

Thurrott Team, I want you to look at your collective self in the mirror and say out loud “I write about Snapchat.” I can’t imagine that feels good. What’s next, E-Sports? YouTube celebrity profiles? Animoji karaoke? Where does it end? Please, if nothing else think of the children. Thoughts and prayers.

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  1. jimchamplin

    Okay. Sit down and have a drink of tea or something. :)

  2. dhallman

    I am not sure if I even know who I am anymore. I'm just lost.

    First, in direct answer to your topic; with my second 'child' headed off to college this year I found a weird thing happening. The two departed children started Snapchatting their Mom daily. This was new. Then our youngest got involved. He often joined me in chastising his older Snapchat using siblings. But then I was... alone. For the first time in my life, Paul was correct (no, not just on this topic ;P ). Windows was holding me back.

    A month later when I jumped out of a ride share and flung my backpack onto my shoulders my brain played a trick on me. I got the signal that I was letting the backpack strap loose to fall on my shoulders. In reality I was releasing my 950xl mid toss sending it 4 feet away onto sold cement.

    The explosion was spectacular.

    I have cracked the odd phone in my time (no Paul, I did not just call the 950xl odd). But this was killed. Parts of the screen refused to peel off the cement leaving gaps in the front. When reassembled the usual 'bzzt' told me it was trying to power up. But the screen remained dead.

    I quickly popped the sim and SD card, broke the screen in two and deposited the 4 separate pieces into 4 unrelated garbage cans in different parts of the town during my day. Having a moment of silence for Windows phone at each drop.

    I really think if it had not been for Snapchat I would have ordered an HP X3 on eBay for a few hundred dollars and gone on with my stubborn life. But the gang had created a snap group literally called 'Family (without Dad)'. Not kidding.

    So when I borrowed my Wife's iPhone to check my email and found an offer for a Galaxy Note on Black Friday pricing ($150 CDN down, 30% off monthly fee for loyalty retention, $75 bill credit, free Google Home, 50% off case, bonus additional gig of data monthly) and the first store I enquired at had the much desired blue version - I sold my soul. I now have a Galaxy Note. I am - an Android user. And I have a Google home. I feel dirty just writing this.

    So I am now on Snapchat. I snap to the group 'Family (now with Dad!!)' On Android. Like it or not. It's a nice phone. The build quality is nicer than the 950xl but similar to older - truer - Lumias. It has a Glance Screen like my Lumia. Face login is faster (if less secure) than Windows Hello - though retina login is still slow, similar to Lumia - so I use face. When face login fails in direct light (like my Lumia) I have fingerprint backup (like the HP X3). I can't live with random (or install) app order in the launcher so I use Microsoft Launcher to get alphabetical sort back. I have to use a Samsung account, Google account, Hotmail Account, Facebook account, Microsoft account and Office 365 account to keep all my data synced and archived (oh and something called sync.me just to keep the contacts from all of those places in the contacts app). And Samsung pay works really well here and saves me from carrying additional loyalty and payment cards everywhere I go. So I did not loose much of what I like and there are gains. But I have a hard time getting past the Frankenstein's monster I pieced together. Windows just did this out-of-the-box.

    And I must have missed the announcement because Cortana is now available on Android in Canada. So my cross-device sync hell is still alive and well. Just like before. Really, I assumed they were improving that for other platforms and just left Windows phone users behind. Nope. Just awful.

    But Apps? Apps suck. Really. Aeroplan app will not save my recent searches (flight prices change so they have to be searched regularly) and requires a login after submitting the search form (the website asks for a login when you start). If you type your password wrong you have to start the search over when you finally type it correctly. The website works better. Best Buy. The app does not have the same category filters. If you look at TVs you see cables, furniture and wall-mounts with the TVs. Want to limit the results by price to get a better range of product. Too bad. The website is better. Facebook messenger - now with ads!, MyDisneyExperience, no accommodation search, I could go on. But really, Apps suck. Most often, I have to return to Edge (Edge knows my passwords). Right back to where I was on Windows. A phone with a web interface.

    Oh well. At least I have Snapchat.

  3. helix2301

    I don't snap chat I don't like the app the interface anything its madness

  4. Chris_Kez

    My original title had an explicit disclaimer that this post was written with tongue planted firmly in cheek. I removed that disclaimer thinking that the post was so over the top, so arch, and jocular enough in tone, that such a disclaimer was not warranted. Obviously I was wrong. Perhaps I should have kept the reference to stopping Hitler at Poland. Surely that would have been a sufficient indicator of jest. I mean, nothing is funnier than Hitler right? Right?

    I have no interest in Snapchat; that's true. But Mehedi and team are free to post whatever they want. If Mehedi thought it was worth explicitly mentioning that this was the first article about Snapchat, and it was worth he and Brad having a conversation about it, then clearly it was unusual enough to warrant being singled out for some good-natured ribbing. I've been posting on this site and the Supersite before it for years, without incident and always respectful of the team and other commentators. If I can't have a little fun posting an over-the-top reaction then what's the point?

  5. Maktaba

    From the topic title, I thought the OP was going to complain about Snapchat not being available on Windows phone, and that was the line he was drawing at - i.e. abandon Windows phone.


  6. Usman

    Use snapchat here, and instagram and messenger, watch popular tech youtube channels and I also do some work in esports.

    I must be your worst nightmare ;)

  7. maethorechannen

    A man has to draw the line somewhere, and for me Snapchat is it.


    While I'm not personally interested in Snapchat, I'm not personally interested in the iPhone either. However, seeing as both are apparently quite popular, I find articles about them useful for keeping up to date as the general population assumes you're going to know about them. Like how people use "swipe right" and you're supposed to know what that means (I know it's either accept or reject, but I don't know which as I've never used the app that made that gesture popular).

  8. Paul Thurrott

    We cover personal technology. This isn't even worth debating.

  9. Locust Infested Orchard Inc.

    I am in total agreement with Chris_Kez, even after having a sit-down for a well-brewed cup of sage, rosemary and thyme herbal tea, as suggested by jimchamplin.

    The editorial team at Thurrott.com have to draw a clear red line with topics that are a big no-no, and as Chris_Kez stated, Snapchat most certainly ought to be considered as taboo.

    I only wish nefarious entities such as Google and Facebook, were taboo too.

    My other wish is that Microsoft takes a few more bites out of the Cupertino grown fruit, until the Apple logo is no more. I await with bated breath when I can finally utter the words, "sayonara iPhone", and that's just the polite version.

  10. Rycott

    As long as it's not taking the spot of more interesting articles... who cares?

    Thurrott.com says its the home for tech enthusiasts. It's tech. Don't click it if you don't want to read it.

    I have 0 interest in Apple articles. You know what I do when I see one... I don't click it. My problem then becomes solved.

  11. Tiny

    I say post whatever you want. As long as the titles are clear, I don't have to open and read the article. Same with sponsored posts. I don't open them unless it is actually something I'm interested in.

  12. Brad Sams

    Couple o'things:

    1. Before he posted this, he asked me if he should not knowing if our readers would like it...and i quote "only one way to find out" - blame me, not him.
    2. More people use snapchat every single day than all Lumias sold; it's hard to ignore it
  13. Shane


    I did wonder whether to say anything. I get it that originally that Paul would have been perhaps 99% Microsoft focused and that's what people see him as.

    But we live in a real world. For me someone who pushed WP to everyone i knew had to change. A year now with Andriod.

    I don't use Snapchat but now that the site covers topics, technology and whatever from other facets of tech, why not cover a subject that millions use everyday.

    Ive liked how Paul and now the site looks at the real world and what people actually use and try and help the readers with a non biased views on things.

    Yes i totally disagree sometimes with what may be said. But on the whole I think the site is producing some very relevant content. And look forward to much more.

    The team is growing with quality.

    Thurrott.com keep up the awesome work.

    Thank you

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