I draw the line at Snapchat


Don’t get me wrong; I fully embraced the decision to widen the scope of coverage versus the WinSupersite days. I was fine when we started getting articles about iOS and Android; Microsoft makes a lot of apps for those platforms after all. I was okay with the iPhone reviews– it is the standard-bearer for mobile devices. I nodded along happily as the Android device reviews started rolling in; okay, lots of former WP users are migrating to Android right alongside Microsoft, and it is the dominant personal computing platform. I even started digging into some of the IOT and smart-speaker coverage– I mean, ambient computing and voice control are the next wave am I right? I remain a bit skeptical about AR/VR, but I even dip into those; hey, all the big players are in there mixing it up this year, and its a big focus for Windows.

And then… I saw Mehedi’s tweet this afternoon about the first Snapchat article on Thurrott.com. [record scratch] Sure enough there it was. I didn’t click on it. I won’t even open it just to comment. I don’t want to give it the page view. No, this is where I say “enough”. A man has to draw the line somewhere, and for me Snapchat is it.

Thurrott Team, I want you to look at your collective self in the mirror and say out loud “I write about Snapchat.” I can’t imagine that feels good. What’s next, E-Sports? YouTube celebrity profiles? Animoji karaoke? Where does it end? Please, if nothing else think of the children. Thoughts and prayers.

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