I ha-te the w-ay the for-um so-ftwa-re hy-phena-tes mem-ber p-osts


Is there any technical reason why the words in my posts have to be automatically hyphenated at line endings instead of just appearing on the next line? It makes posts harder to read and there is no visual indication that it is going to occur until after the post is created!

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  1. jimchamplin

    IKR. It's so s-


  2. infloop

    I think some of it is the browser, though. I've noticed that it can look different from one browser to another, between desktop and mobile. You might even find differences in where a word gets hyphenated when rotating from portrait to landscape.

    Other times it is the layout of the forums (and I am speaking generally) and how it gets rendered, with mobile in portrait usually being a problem because of the smaller width.

    I agree though that it does make it harder to read.

  3. hrlngrv

    FWIW, on my Linux box (only one with lots of browsers), Firefox and derivatives (Waterfox) hyphenate words in comments, but Chrome and Opera don't.

  4. wright_is

    The culprit is here in the CSS for the desktop version of the forums:

    div.comment .content .body (thurrott.css)

    word-wrap: break-word;

    hyphens: auto;

    It is set to hyphenate words at the end of lines in the comments boxes (I turned on Web Tools->Inspector in Firefox).

    On my systems it is not too noticeable. On this page, only "infloop's" post gets hyphenated, the "be-tween" on the first line on the desktop and on Firefox mobile (portrait) on my phone "hy-phenated" get wrapped.

  5. robinwilson16

    It looks like it only happens in Firefox type browsers.

    It doesn't happen in Chrome for me but instead the Petri/Short Takes box on the right side of the screen has text shifted right and overflowing off the right side of the screen instead (only see the first 3 letters of each month).