is the xBox mini fridge worth it?


Good afternoon everyone,

I’m thinking of buying a mini fridge for my gaming room and I’ve seen the one for the xBox.

I’ve also been looking at others on and I don’t know if it’s worth it or if I should buy a normal one.

Does anyone have one and can you tell me how it works?


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  1. ringofvoid

    I believe it's still on track to be released this holiday season. So far only Snoop Dog actually has one. That being said, if you

    A. Routinely have friends over to your gaming room

    B. Already have an Xbox Series X console

    C. Don't mind dropping serious money on a mini-fridge

    Then you should definitely get one once they're available.

  2. whistlerpro

    They have not been released yet and I imagine they will be high in demand and in limited quantity.