Less Apple Memoji, more real news


Hey guys

Overall I enjoy the site but can we have less fluff such as the recent article on Apple Memoji ads, or the one last week about more “cute” Animoji coming to iOS?

I tend to think of this site as more high-brow, if I want that sort of fluff I can go to Neowin or The Verge.

I understand you need to keep the site populated with new content on a regular basis, but let’s keep it real. Mind you, I have no issue with the site’s coverage of non-Microsoft news.

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4 responses to “Less Apple Memoji, more real news”

  1. Tiny

    You could do what I do. Don't click on articles that you don't find interesting.

  2. cadrethree

    I don't mind the fluff stuff as I get to the main event. But I would have thought they would have discussed the new unboxing video Microsoft is debuting. Even though it was boring as heck. Maybe on first ring daily. Even bringing on a die-hard Apple or Android guys to counterpoint would liven up the dailies?

  3. provision l-3

    You must live somewhere where the current weather keeps you from going outside and yelling at the kids to get off your lawn.

  4. Paul Thurrott

    My God. There is ONE memoji story on the front page.

    Well, two now because of this forum post. Congratulations on that.

    Also, he asked, and I told Mehedi it was OK to write this. He's sensitive to this kind of unfair criticism. So congrats on that, too.

    No more comments are necessary. We get it, some people are just jerks. Time to move on.