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At the age of 72, my memory is not what it used to be. I recently got a new computer and of course, it runs Windows 11. On my old machine, my login to Thurrott was set up to log me in when I opened the page. On my new machine, it is not doing that even when I click all the boxes. It is however working correctly on my laptop. Does anyone else have this problem?

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  1. christianwilson

    Not specifically with Windows 11, but over the past month or two I have needed to login to thurrott.com more frequently. My credentials are saved in the browser and they do populate automatically on the login page, though.

  2. JustDavid

    I too am having to log in much more frequently, sometimes multiple times a day on different visits with different computers / phone

  3. jhawkzz

    Same. I find that when I visit the site, I'll periodically be signed out for no apparent reason. I consistently use Chrome and don't have any extensions that would interfere.

  4. ben55124

    Thought it was just my browsers. thurrott.com needs to work making credentials sticky again.

  5. George Coll


    We are taking a look to understand what is causing the change.

    Thanks for the alert. We recently received a couple messages highlighting the same issue.


    • pecosbob04

      Any progress on non premium members not seeing comments to the 3 free premium articles non premium members can read each month? Asking here because . . .

      • dftf

        Yeah, same issue here. They ought to just remove the option for free-users to comment on a Premium article. I see no-point in us being able to do so, but then never see any replies to it. Either let us see all comments, but not be able to reply; or let us see no comments, and also remove the option to add our own.

  6. navarac

    FWIW it happens occasionally with Chrome on Linux and Windows 10 as well lately. I thought it was my cookie settings not being particularly persistent in Chrome. Not sure now!

  7. beckoningeagle

    Same here, every few days I need to re-login to the site.

  8. nicktirrell

    Howdy, folks! I'm Nick - I help run tech here at thurrott.com. While I'm not half the writer Paul is, I hope I can add some clarity to the intended function of our login system here.

    When logging in to thurrott.com, if you do not click the 'remember me" button underneath the form, your session (referring to the "connection" established between you, a unique user, and our server - as represented by a cookie stored on your browser) persists only until the end of your browsing session. That is, until you close your browser.

    If you do click the "remember me" button below the form when logging in, your session will persist for 14 days.

    There are, however, a few scenarios that could lead to session persistence less than 14 days - which I've outlined below.

    If cookies are disabled in your browser you will be unable to maintain a session, as the string of text we use to identify and authenticate you can not be stored. This is an unlikely scenario, and will be extremely apparent across every site you visit.

    If browsing in "incognito" or "private mode", any cookies set during the session will be cleared at the conclusion of the session - regardless of use of the "remember me" button. Additionally, any session data set in "normal" browsing will not carry over to incognito or private browsing. These browser functions are more accurately described as "amnesia mode", and if anyone from Google is listening please change the name and send a check.

    It should be noted that as part of our mechanism to defend against session hijacking (an attack by which a nefarious actor either guesses, or more likely, intercepts the session cookie in transit and sends it back to us, thereby masquerading as you), your unique ip address is a component of the algorithm that generates a string of text (referred to as the "session token") that's stored in the session cookie. As a result of this, if your ip address changes, your session will no longer persist. Even if you sync browser data across devices, for example, between Chrome on your desktop and on your mobile phone, they must remain on the same network for your session to persist as accessing the site via an LTE connection will change your ip address.

    For the curious and nerdy among us, you can explore these session cookies and their expiry data in chrome by navigating to chrome://settings/cookies/detail?site=www.thurrott.com.

    As always, thank you for being a part of a community we love so much and sharing your experiences, both good and bad, with us.

    Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or concerns: [email protected]

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