New Comments System NEEDS More Work


The sort by Date option doesn’t seem to do anything. Following threads of responses is a practical impossibility.

This by Blue Whale Web is an improvement over Disqus?

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    maethorechannen Alpha Member #377 - 3 months ago

    I'm finding replies getting attached to random comments.

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    PcGuy8088 - 3 months ago

    One issue is that I went to comment on an article and noticed that there was a tab that says Premium Comments (6) which was in blue and besides that tab there was a grey out tab saying Comments (1). I tried clicking on the grey tab thinking it would show a coment from a non premium member. It did not. Nothing happened when I clicked on the tab.

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    ponsaelius Alpha Member #1328 - 3 months ago

    I would quite like to edit a comment in case I make a typo....

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      Tim Alpha Member #20 - 3 months ago
      In reply to ponsaelius:

      That and most known comment bugs will be addressed this week.  

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    offTheRecord - 3 months ago

    I posted this as a comment to the recent Windows Phone/Mobile story, but I'll put them here, too.


    "Yeah, the comment section isn't ready for prime-time, yet. If I need to edit a "finished" comment, I copy the posted comment, delete it, start a new one, paste in the old text and edit.

    My issues with the new comment section so far (in case management is listening):

    1. Two different comment streams for the same story is cumbersome.

    2. Not being able to reply to everyone's comments is not ideal (apparently, non-premium users can't reply to premium users' comments unless a premium user makes a comment in the non-premium thread). I'm almost inclined to completely ignore the premium comment stream since I'm unable to reply to any of the comments there.

    3. No ability to edit comments."


    In addition:

    4. It appears that there is no notification when someone replies to your comment.

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      Skolvikings Alpha Member #2561 - 3 months ago
      In reply to offTheRecord:

      I completely argee that two comment streams is cumbersome. I'd rather it be combined into one. I don't even feel the need for my comments to show up on top or anything like that. It's fine if my comment is in-line. I can get my alpha member recognition by the alpha member my icon on my gravatar.

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    Jeffsters - 3 months ago

    Yeah...the rational was Disqus wasn't will I get to make changes, that's fine, but you shouldn't roll out a replacement before you at least have feature parity!  You've negatively impacted your users, for how long we don't know, because you wanted more from Disqus you YOU delivered LESS!  Swell.

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      Jeffsters - 3 months ago
      In reply to Jeffsters: oops a typo!  Let me edit...oh snap!


  6. Brad Sams
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    Brad Sams Alpha Member #2 - 3 months ago

    This is version 1.0 and I'll look into that bug - expect new features to roll out relatively quickly once we get the main page re-launched. 

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      JudaZuk Alpha Member #2098 - 3 months ago
      In reply to brad-sams:

      Well it seem to be version 0.1 Alpha so far. It lacks a lot of basic features that one come to expect of a comment system.  This would have been great 10 years ago, but things have evolved. I feel you should have kept Disqus until you hada finished comment system, then you can add more features later, but the current system lacks way to much features to be called version 1.0

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      hrlngrv Alpha Member #100 - 3 months ago

      Note: the sort by DATE link works in Forum comments, but it doesn't seem to work in article comments.

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      offTheRecord - 3 months ago
      In reply to hrlngrv:

      Interestingly, sorting article comments by DATE and VOTES did work for me today. Prior to today, clicking to sort did nothing. I checked again just now and I can indeed sort by Votes and Date, ascending and descending.

      I'm using Google Chrome.

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      hrlngrv Alpha Member #100 - 3 months ago

      In reply to offTheReservation:

      I'm using Firefox, so that may be the difference. Forum comments sort, but blog comments still don't for me.

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      Tim Alpha Member #20 - 3 months ago
      In reply to offTheReservation:

      There's a knwon bug effecting sorting on comments in the blog posts.  Will be fixed this week. Apologies and apprecaite the patience!

    6. 0 | Reply
      Hondo - 3 months ago
      In reply to Tim:  See, if you were able to edit a comment you could have corrected "knwon". :P    Just kidding btw.