New feature feedback


Hey Everyone,

We have a new comment system and Thurrott Now is online…if you have any feedback drop it here.

For bugs, please send them to [email protected] with a screenshot and description when possible.


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  1. mmcpher

    I like the look and flow of the new features and their responsiveness. One thing that occurs to me, FWIW, is that in other tech sites with large subscriber bases which include forums, you get forum-only features like email notices, a forum dashboard where you can see recent activity, and you can see threads you started or participated in. But there are also comments to related articles which are really their own form of thread, only not tracked under the forum section. It would be nice, if possible, to integrate all your comments and exchanges, whether they occurred in the forums or in the comments below an article posted in the main part of the site.

  2. JudaZuk

    Still cant report spam or block users in the comment system. and still are not getting notifications as far as I can tell. so what is really new ? I'm not seeing it

  3. madthinus

    As for the comments, I would love a single thread, with filter options.

  4. madthinus

    Thurrott Now is cool, But I would love the format to be like a twitter time line with the latest post first and the rest just loading in as you scroll.

  5. hrlngrv

    Another glitch. This is 2nd of 2 related comments. This one I composed AND edited. Following was composed with one backslash between ABC and DEF, then 2 between DEF and GHI, then 3 between GHI and JKL, then 4 between JKL and MNO. Then edited, original backslashes reentered, and resubmitted.


    Why does editing and resubmitting do different things to the entered text?

  6. hrlngrv

    Another glitch. This is 1st of 2 related comments. This one I composed but didn't edit. Following was composed with one backslash between ABC and DEF, then 2 between DEF and GHI, then 3 between GHI and JKL, then 4 between JKL and MNO.


  7. hrlngrv

    New comment system even less WYSIWYG than the last iteration. Single newline seems to give 1.25 line separation between paragraphs.


    Two newlines seems to give a lot more than 3 lines separation.


    OTOH, while composing/editing comments, I see what I'd see in Notepad. ANNOYING.

    FWIW, viewing page source shows 2 newlines in sequence translated to ...</p><p><br></p><p>... . The paragraph tags OK, but the internal break probably shouldn't be there.

  8. richfrantz

    I only see comments in Chrome, not IE 11.

  9. Lewk

    The link to Thurrott Now on the main page takes anyone who lives outside the U.S. to a blank page. Because almost everyone outside the U.S. is ahead time-wise of the U.S. and the link takes everyone to their current day and time. Myself being in Australia, I'm almost a full day ahead and the link doesn't understand this and takes me to a blank page. Could this be fixed?

  10. skane2600

    Comments are disappearing, reappearing, and disappearing again.

    • skane2600

      In reply to skane2600:

      Even some comments from weeks ago are gone. I'm wondering if a poster deletes their account or changes their name does that remove all the responses to their comments? I'm seeing some old comments being labeled with a different name than they were originally.

  11. hrlngrv

    Total comment counts at the top of articles are screwed up.

    Any reason comments can't include boldface as well as italics?

  12. anchovylover

    Just wanted to also give my thumbs up to Thurrott Now. Very slick indeed, well done team. ?...Edit: I must be a time traveller. Literally just posted and it tells me I posted 11 hours ago ?

  13. Suberungoer

    The new features are great. Glad to be a Premium member.

  14. Bart

    An chance to tweet the Thurrott Now articles as well? Either under your own Twitter handle's, or ThurrottNow? Let me know if you want the Twitter handle. Managed to snatch it

  15. TheSalientOne

    The link to the account name does not work. When hovering over the link with a mouse, the account name is underlined but you can not click it. Looking at the source of the page is seems the <a> tag is missing a href item.

    Tested this in Chrome as there are no comments in IE.