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A few issues here…1- Posts are still disappearing, one of mine is simply no longer there. Lordbaal had one disappear also in the ” No comments in IE ” thread. 2- I can no longer view my profile. I had to scroll through to find a thread that I started and click on my name. Simply clicking on my name or anyone’s name fails to do anything. 3- When in my profile it shows I haven’t made a post in a month which is incorrect. Support staff, the site seems glitchy. I’m using Chrome browser on W10. Cheers!

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  1. Brad Sams

    If you are able to link to specific issues, please send them to [email protected] please.


    • anchovylover

      In reply to Brad Sams:

      Thanks for the prompt reply Brad. What exactly do you mean by link to specific issues?

      • Brad Sams

        In reply to anchovylover:

        We need to be able to reproduce an issue, this helps the dev find the if you can tell us what steps you took to create the bug, email those steps.

        • anchovylover

          In reply to Brad Sams:

          What steps I took? I logged in...the end mate! Explain to me how a member can view his own profile. Explain why my past month isn't shown in my profile. Explain why posts are disappearing. I'm not making this shit up mate. Your site changed something around five or six weeks ago and it has made a hit or miss experience. I'm not trying to be difficult.