Thanks for the quick reaction regarding recent spam posts


Just a word of thanks to the forum mods for dealing with the recent spam posts the site has been getting over the last few days. These noxious posts (and posters) ruin the site and forums for everyone.

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    Paul Thurrott

    Thanks. It's been a bad week.

    It started last Wednesday or Thursday with an upswing in the forum and comment spam, compared to normal. Over the weekend +/- a day or so, it accelerated. And then two days ago, we got hammered by many dozens of spam posts all at once, and that required intervention from Nick. But since then, it's continued as per last week, with several sets of spams all dumping at around the same time at different times throughout the day and me scrambling to remove the accounts and the spam before it could continue. I had to delete ~12 spam forum posts last night from a baseball game using my phone, which is not ideal. I woke up this morning to about that number again.

    I have no idea what changed to make this happen. But I'd love to get past this.

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      Hi Paul, I made a report to tech support about this issue and they took it on board but I see the issue isn't yet resolved. It is where as a non-Premium user I can read up to three Premium articles each month. However, since the recent site changes the comments are no longer visible.

      Could you please confirm if this is bug still being worked on or if this is site policy now.


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        Paul Thurrott

        The site is being attacked. I don't know what you're asking me.

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          Yes, I have seen issues this past week. Yesterday and today I have had to go through captcha just to reach the site.

          I'll wait until these attacks die down but you know perfectly well what my question is. Your tech staff are also well aware of it.

          It can wait though.

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            Paul Thurrott

            Guys. You can email [email protected] This has NOTHING to do with the topic of this forum post. Complaining in comments isn't going to get you anywhere. I don't understand the problem and I can't fix it regardless.

            It's unclear to me why this can't be communicated politely.

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    Much the same as phone spam in the UK, much of it seems to come from the Indian sub-continent. Nothing better to do, I suppose. :-(

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