In my Feedly, ehm, feed I have 2 posts that kinda-sorta make it look like was hacked… They are named:

  1. Olà, mundo! Posted April 16, 8.14 PM by memyself
  2. No title found (body reads: hey, there is a security breache in your website….). Posted April 16, 8.14 PM by memyself

Not sure what it means, but wanted to let you guys know.

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  1. wright_is

    Allegedly, during the spam prevention measures, they managed to delete the site...

    When I was trying to surf the site yesterday evening, I landed on the WordPress installation pages! I could have set a password and installed the site from new.

    I guess somebody may have used this period to post that... When I came back this morning, the site was back online. The link went to the Windows delayed post.

    Either somebody did hack the site completely and they had to re-install or during the recovery, somebody managed to get a post out as they were doing the recovery.

  2. Brad Sams

    The site was not hacked, the site was accidentally deleted during some back-end work that we are doing to optimize the site...obviously not ideal.

    When that happened, the default install page showed up in that 20 minute period and someone posted a few comments on a template page that showed up.

    Nothing was hacked, no data stolen, we restored a backup from Sunday.

  3. ellascott

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