Thurrott site horribly slow


Hi folks. I’m running W10 on both devices and the site has been terribly slow over these past two or three days. Just wondering if anyone else is also experiencing this. Cheers 🙂

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    It's not just you! I am trying to figure out why the site loads like molasses here. I have confirmed it loads slow on different computers, and interestingly, if I VPN through Singapore, it loads fast. I'm in Australia, and I wonder if there is some issue with the route between me and


    The site is almost unusable it's that bad.

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      I'm also in Australia, Melbourne to be exact. The site is still terrible for me, basically I click on my Thurrott bookmark and open another window and carry on doing other things for the five minutes or so it takes to load. Since it started I have pretty much stopped commenting and reading most articles. I'm losing interest because of it. It has to be an Australia issue given we both are here.

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      Have you tried to do a traceroute ?  Both with and without VPN  ?

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      Due to the new pirate site blocking by all the ISP's I have just purchased and installed ExpressVPN. I set it to New York and Thurrott loads as it should. Guess it's a VPN for Thurrott and Petri from now on. ?

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    I'm in Atlanta, Georgia, USA and is fast here. 

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    Hmm, havent noticed anything here....will be curious what others say.

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    Nope, nothing here. has always been fast for me, even on mobile.

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    Works just fine here, fast as always

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    No issues with speed here.

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    I've noticed it getting slower recently.  Not much, but still noticeable.

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    Thanks for the replies, it seems it must be an issue at my end. The issue persists and I have tried Chrome, IE and Edge with similar results. I have also tried my two W10 devices as well as my Android phone. I thought it may be a problem with my wifi however the only site I'm having this issue is Thurrott. Any ideas would be welcome. Cheers :)

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    No problems at all for me in northern NSW Australia. Loads fast as usual.

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    I suspect one of the advertising networks embedded in the page is having issues "down under". Unfortunately, most sites these days give priority to the ad content, which must fully load before the "real" content is displayed and is navigable. If you don't run an ad-blocker, it might be time to do so if only to test what I propose as the problem. Step two is to try a different DNS server. Those Google guys have a popular one and it reduces the overhead required to track your every move and breath...

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