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How do you see what posts you have created in the forums?

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  1. simont

    Click on your name to the left of the Date Posted for this question, you can see all your activity that way.

    • miamimauler

      In reply to simont:

      What about if you haven't posted anything for a few weeks.

      How do you find your activity then if you can't remember which article or forum thread you posted on?

      • simont

        In reply to miamimauler:

        Reply to post, check your activity, delete the post. There probably is a better way to do it though.

        • miamimauler

          In reply to simont:

          I don't think there is another way. It's ridiculous that we can't click on our account in the top right hand corner and go to our activity.

          This site has exceptional reporting but from day one the account, notifications and comments have been broken. I always assumed they would be fixed but after all this time obviously it's all by design to be user unfriendly.

          • Paul Thurrott

            Sigh. It kills me that people not only think like this but feel the need to berate me/us for it. Look, I was told that 2020 was the year we'd "fix" in part through a new design, but as you may remember---it's still in the news, I guess---the pandemic happened. This isn't the worst collateral damage caused by the pandemic, but it is one example. I'll keep pushing to get going on this internally, but ... It's not something I can do personally and we've had more basic issues this year, for sure.
            • lwetzel

              In reply to paul-thurrott:

              Forgive the naysayers. It is always easier to complain about someone else's work.

            • j5

              In reply to paul-thurrott:

              Sorry, Paul about the drama. I was just sincerely asking a question because I was curious about what posts I had made on the forums. I think most people here are really helpful and fellow tech enthusiasts.

              • Paul Thurrott

                No worries. 2020 was frustrating for many things but from the perspective of this site, the big one for me internally is that the refresh never happened. This isn't on you, but it's tough to be shat on by others for something that a) isn't my fault, b) I've been unable to change all year regardless, and c) happened during a year in which the person who was writing news was no longer able to contribute as was the case in the past. I'm a bit overwhelmed and it's kind of piling up. All I can do is keep making the same comments: If it's a technical issue, please email [email protected] This is the best way to get us moving on fixing something that's wrong, especially an individual issue. And I'll keep pushing for the site to be refreshed. We're all trying to do the right thing.
            • miamimauler

              In reply to paul-thurrott:

              "Sigh. It kills me that people not only think like this but feel the need to berate me/us for it"

              That's a disappointing response to someone who praises your work but is frustrated with long running site issues.

              These issues have been a problem since the inception of this site.

              You can't blame the pandemic for that.

              "It's not something I can do personally"

              I never said it was nor was my comment directed at you personally. You have made it clear that tech support takes care of site issues. In fact, I didn't mention you at all.

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