Web design needs updating


As a new Premium member and browsing the thurrott.com site I note that the right banner (or whatever you call it) overlaps the main stories. Not by much but irritating enough to prompt me to report it.

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  1. 250

    I don't see that problem on this website, but on other sites Firefox sometimes stacked screen components in odd ways in now outdated versions. FF is now on version 50.0 and I have not seen the problem in this release.  Are you current on whichever browser you are using?

    It sometimes helps display problems if you clean out the browser's internet cache.

  2. 3231

    I did not think I would have to change browser but I will do so and reply later.

  3. 3231

    I have found that only IE11 fails to render the web page (Premium Content) correctly.

    Firefox 50.*, Chrome and Edge do it correctly. So my problem, I am addicted to IE.

    Firefox updates to frequently, Chrome helps the evil mob so it will have to be edge in future.

    Now if  can get Edge to emulate IE in a number of ways I will be switching.