What’s the point of Premium and Standard comment separation?


I don’t completely understand the point of Premium and Standard comment separation on the site.  What is this supposed to do?

It seems like this is an attempt to maybe separate the fluff from legitimate comments, but that isn’t quite the way it seems to work.  I see great and crap comments under both.  Also, it seems the site recently switched from showing Premium comments by default to showing Standard.  Where should I post a comment?

Honestly, I value seeing them all, in one place.  I appreciate the thoughtful, differing perspectives.  Yes, there are the usual crap comments and personal attacks that have to be weeded through, but that’s the nature of the Internet beast.  And it does seem like up/down votes, combined with a report abuse or ignore button, could help deemphasize or outright eliminate those.

My suggestion to the site product owners and developers is to combine the two unless I’m just totally missing the mark on the purpose of separating the two.

Respectfully, J

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