Yet another bug


Here we go yet again. Today I try to log on with no success with updated Chrome. OK, shit happens so I attempt to log on with the new Firefox with no success. I was able to log on yesterday with both browsers. I have not changed any settings. Edge allows me to log on to make this post.

Come on guys, what is going on? Again, I haven’t changed any settings since yesterday. How about before you inflict ads onus premium users you make the site stable and more importantly consistant.

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  1. Tim

    I just logged in with both Chrome and Firefox on OSX and Windows.

    Have you attempted to delete your cache/cookies? Are you running any atypical 3rd party plugins in your browsers? When you say you "can't log in" what does that mean? What happens? What do you see?

    • anchovylover

      In reply to Tim:

      Thanks Tim. I cleaned my Chrome cache and was able to log on. I haven't tried FF but will assume it's the same.

      I'm feeling a little red faced as I should have tried that before posting my rant. ?

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