XBOX Gamepass for PC


I don’t know if it has been mentioned before, but every article I’ve seen about the XBOX Game Pass for PC mentions that you need to download the new XBOX App (Beta) to download your games. Today I found out that in Windows 10, using the Microsoft Store app you can also access your game pass titles and install them. Just go to “My Library” and at the left hand side you’ll see the link to the Game Pass library.

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  1. vr1

    I really like the compatibility of the Xbox gaming console and PC with Windows. But there is one problem - the lack of opportunity to play VR games even on the newest gaming consoles from Microsoft. I like to play VR games and often play in the center of virtual reality in Melbourne - I also have some great VR games in my PC, but unfortunately, I can’t download them to my game console. I hope that Microsoft will support VR for its gaming consoles.

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