How to wake the NUC


I have a similar situation with my laptop. It’s connected to a Thunderbolt dock, and I had to hit the power button on the laptop to wake it from sleep. My solution was to plug in the wireless dongle of my Logitech keyboard and mouse directly into a USB port on the computer. It’s the only thing not running through the TB dock, and it wakes the machine.

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  1. wright_is

    Is it possible that the Dock isn't powering the USB devices when the host is asleep/off? Or that it doesn't/can't pass signals when it is sleeping (more likely).

    I use Bluetooth keyboard and mice, so I'm used to pressing the power button on the docking station - the laptop is usually closed.

  2. Paul Thurrott

    Yeah, but that ruins the one cable thing. :) I want to be able to swap this out for different PCs. :)

  3. waethorn

    The dock itself is going into low-power state and turning off the USB ports. This is probably what you want though, considering Thunderbolt docks take a lot of power.

  4. harmjr

    I have a extreme hate for the Dell Dock WD15 or K17A this dock keeps on losing connections for my users and having to explain unplugging the dock form the laptop & power source to drain the power for about 500 employees is really annoying. Hearing about Paul's issues makes me think this may be an issue for all USB C docks.

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