Wink Hub for My Mom

Hi Brad,

My mom has expressed interest in adding some smart things to her house. Currently I have two Lutron switches installed to some outside lights so that they turn on/off at dawn and dusk. She also has a ring video doorbell. She is a longtime Samsung user, and doesn’t upgrade her phone too often so I think that she will be on Android for the time being.

I was thinking of getting her a Wink Hub w/ a Google Home voice assistant (although I don’t think she’s ready to talk to the house yet). Given that Android doesn’t have a HomeKit-like system, it seemed like this would be a good way to go while maintaining the flexibility to jump to Alexa down the road if needed.

Do you have any thoughts? I know that you use Alexa at home, but I understand that the Alexa app is awful.



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  • Brad Sams

    Premium Member
    02 August, 2018 - 2:42 pm

    <p>The alexa app is alright, nothing special, and I do agree that going the Google route is likely better; I don't personally use Wink but I know it's well supported.</p><p><br></p><p>Before you do anything, think about what else you might add to the network, as long as it supports Wink, then you should be ok. </p>


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