You finally convince me that the best choice for consumer is Apple.


I have own numerous Windows phones, Windows laptops, tablets try Android on phone and tablet, Surfaces devices and in the end it all amount to experience with the device. That experience is driven by the apps. Office is wonderful on Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android and so, is Lightroom. After that most of the apps I use are not found on Windows. And that’s the rub, as I my dozen Windows Phones remind. I wait for the my Surface Go to wake and past the time away with iPad realizing I could just go get things done with iPad OS. I want to have faith in Microsoft but my RT collection of four machines remain me that sometimes that is not a good idea and ARM with Windows sounds wonderfully like Windows RT with its great promise to be ready in the future. I even know where my Zune is buried to remain me how committed Microsoft is to consumers. No, I am not the business type in nature that is my folly for being in Windows this late date. Since the Android market is scattered to hell with best phones coming from Samsung, who wants to get rid of Google on their phones and tablets for some reason. I decided to go with Apple, who software is just as buggy as the rest but at least they don’t abandon your device so quickly. I thank you two for convincing me that Apple is the best choice when you are tried of tinker with things.

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