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How will we be able to access these first episodes live? How will these podcasts be available for download later?

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    RamblingGeek Alpha Member #1038 - 3 months ago

    I relly enjoyed the first edition.   Where did you get the covers made for the back of the SurfaceBooks?  I think our company should have them on the back of the laptops. :-)

    Loving all the new stuff.

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    Ames Alpha Member #103 - 3 months ago

    That's what I was just looking for.

  3. Brad Sams
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    Brad Sams Alpha Member #2 - 3 months ago

    We just got done recording it, will get it posted up on the site once we get the video from Microsoft.

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      thespecificocean Alpha Member #1594 - 3 months ago

      Will there be an RSS feed eventually?

    2. 0 | Reply
      venuvedam Alpha Member #1633 - 3 months ago

      I sure hope so. This would be a great podcast to listen on my office commute every day.