Feedback Requested: First Ring Daily Segments


Hey Everyone,

Now that we have most of the technical components figured out and we are starting to get into a rhythm, one thing we have always wanted to add to the show are weekly segments.

For example, every Thursday we do a throwback and look at older pieces of technology.


What other weekly, re-occurring segments, would you like to see?

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    Mobile Mondays. Not just W10M, but including use of Microsoft apps on iPhone, iPad & Android.

  2. 1519

    Discuss best practices for common tasks in the Microsoft eco system.  Example - I use outlook and this is how I keep track of my most important emails.  I think lifehacker has a segment called, "This is how I work".  

  3. 127

    Pick a Microsoft product or service and discuss what you would like to see improved. Perhaps slip in a few rumours you might have heard. Call it "What's Next Wednesday"?

  4. 1318

    I hate to burden you guys with this, but captions would be an awesome addition.  When you guys moved to Vimeo, I was really disappointed as I knew Vimeo doesn't auto generate captions like YouTube.  I know the automated captions on YouTube isn't perfect or sometimes laughable, but it has been a tremendous aid for me to follow the dialogue between Sam and Paul.  I've watched a few videos the past few weeks and had to rely on lip reading, which is a chore to say the least.  

    Please check out for an option to generate closed captions using Microsoft's Azure Media Indexer. 

  5. 1377

    Once a month why not a show on the Annoyances of the Month, pure gripe session.

  6. 2706

    Paul's weekly COD highlight. I'm quite serious, there's no MJF to fight this.

  7. 1956

    i always find a "whats in my bag" piece to be interesting. either a once a month kind of thing highlighting what you're currently using, or a once a week segment focusing on a specific item. doesn't have to be computer tech specific either - think headphones, writing tools if you take physical notes on the go, the bag itself, etc etc. 

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      In reply to eeisner:

      Love it. Tim Ferriss does a lot of this.  Tthough it's often a drive for affiliate money I think, which he's fully transparent on, I do enjoy finding out what "stuff" he's loving. 

  8. 289

    Developers! Developers! Developers!  Please bring in some developer guests to talk about what's going on in that world.  Or bring in the Brothers Lowdermilk.  Or find a single recurring guest that has real development chops and is really plugged into the Windows development community that can provide a view into what's going on.  If this person also has ties to iOS and Android developer communities and compare/contrast, so much the better.  

  9. 1251

    Y'all could do a guilty please of the week whether it be music, a game, or a show your are watching that you aren't proud of.

  10. 666

    A monthly games round-up.

  11. 1080

    Overview of current trends and where technology seems to be heading. You could call it future Friday, tomorrow Tuesday, or where are we going Wednesday.

  12. 1008

    XBOX One games would be awsome.

  13. 5585

    I suggest "The-Best-the-Money-Can-Buy"...

    To discover super-expensive but out-performing devices or parts. Why? Just for fun. We men sometimes chat about Koenigsegg or Lykan even though we're far away from them.

  14. 2181

    I barely listen to it, because there are too many similar programs available already, plus between  Brad and Paul there are already 3 weekly shows on Microsoft and windows already.

    Like I said before, I'd rather have special topics covered in-depth, and maybe even with some interviews on bi-weekly or even monthly, bi-monthly, a season per 6-12 months bases than have yet another DTNS.

    Think about doing it like American Radio Work, Frontline, Hardcore History, or Serial - high quality topic, in-depth coverage, multiple perspective, serious analysis, and high production value.


    Oh, Vimeo is annoying since I cannot change the speed to fit my listening habit like using YouTube or podcast apps. I am so use to Brad talking at 2X and Paul at 1.5X, I cannot change back to normal speed now.= =

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      In reply to Nonmoi:

      I love this idea. Paul and Brad could tap into their extensive network of friends and contacts in and around the industry; and maybe make some new friends along the way.  Create something of really lasting value, that is less topical/daily news driven; something that would be worth going back and viewing/listening to several times and/or still be meaningful in one, two or three years.  

      For example, Paul has written extensively about Longhorn.  How about revisiting that with folks who worked on the project to give some inside view of the driving ambitions and the subsequent fallout; tech press veterans to talk about the public perception and the surrounding tech community; a business analyst to talk about where MS was as a corporation, how Wall Street reacted throughout the ordeal; a developer to capture what the community thought about it and where things went in the aftermath.  

      The whole Windows Mobile saga is similarly ripe for exploration.  So is Xbox and console gaming.  Ditto Office, enterprise, the cloud, etc. 

      Sadly, I think what we're imagining is much more expensive and time-consuming that what Paul and Brad can do at the moment.  It would also require a larger staff and for these guys to considerably stretch their roles.   

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        In reply to Chris_Kez:

        I dont oppose this idea and do quite like it...the biggest hurdle we have here is not time, it's getting those who worked on the projects to go public. Have to remember, Microsoft isnt exactly in love with engineers speaking publicly...especially to us.

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          In reply to brad-sams:

          How about non-Microsoft/ex-Microsoft employees and how about doing something without interviews like"the Internet History Podcasts" do with its chapter episodes, that way the conflict of interest can be avoid.

          The other thing you can do is that you and Paul get together and talk about one specific topic in-depth and systematically. This can be done by recycle previous articles on the topic and organize them with narrative. And you can revisit the topic from time to time, making this more efficient. 

  15. 1063

    "Multi-media Mondays".  Talk about items related to entertainment apps (Sling TV vs Vue, Netflix, etc), gaming, music, photos, and video editing.  You get the idea.

  16. 4357

    Maybe this is a one time thing (since I'm annoyed right now with it) or maybe it can be a monthly thing, but something to counter the current unfounded optimism in tech reviews currently. "Cut the crap" or "throw some water on the industry" or I don't know...

    Case in point: Google Home reviews. How many of these god dam reviews have "it will get better once Google adds in more integrations." "Google knows so much more about you than Amazon, so... better. (with no actual examples)" I want to know how it is to ACTUALLY use it today, and if its worth my money today. The Echo has been here for two years, and somehow it sounds like it got lapped in a week due to potential? I'm actually in the market for one of these devices, and would love to know actual usage, not potential. Because right now I'm being sold on potential, but I've been burned too many times by "oh software updates will fix that." (See: Any Android phone.)

    I thoroughly appreciate that Paul openly admits he returned  his Echo because he didn't have a use. I love that he returned the Pixel. Pick a product/service/whatever that the tech media is currently fawning over... and throw some water on it! Tell us if it's actually worth the praise or not.

  17. 1726

    Microsoft, the Early Days!  Find some original and early MS employees and interview them.

  18. 677

    ' We Help Wednesday '

    This could be a segment where it could actually change weekly eg; help for mobile ( what app to use on any platform, what phone to pick ), tablets, pc, home tech ect.


    All could come from what Paul and Brad use. How they have over come issues which would help users.

    Advice for users in what would help them.

  19. 5530

    A gaming segment? You guys get to play, and we get to watch your reactions. Win-win. I would have loved to see paul's playthrough of Firewatch and INSIDE.

  20. 5767

    Coverage of Microsoft consumer services like OneDrive, Groove Music, Skype. I understand Paul uses all of them. What are the pros vs cons of using them vs Google or Apple services?

  21. 496

    I'd like to see an occasional screen share/walk-through/dog-and-pony-show on some of the services and tools you talk about.  For example, Microsoft Bookings seems like it would be useful based on a blog post I just read about it, but seeing one of you give a 3-5 minute demo of it would be much more informative.  Better yet, invite people from Microsoft or even listeners to do the demos.