First Ring Daily – Slow to show up in RSS Feed


Hey, I use BeyondPod on my Android phone to get the First Ring Daily podcasts. This works ok but I’ve noticed that there is a large delay between when the podcasts go up on the site and when they make it into my AP via the RSS feed. For example, Ep 104 which went up yesterday (March 7th) is still not showing up in my feed as of this morning.

What’s the problem here? Is it on my end, or are the podcasts really going on the feed almost 24 hours later than the website?

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4 responses to “First Ring Daily – Slow to show up in RSS Feed”

  1. astobart

    Same thing for me using Pocket Casts on IOS. The last show I can see in the app is EP 103.

  2. evancox10

    Weird, now episode 105 (Wednesday's) is up extra early today, but 104 is still not there

  3. dave.erwin

    104 is not there in Overcast on iOS either. I thought it was just me. 105 isn't there either but I wouldn't expect it to be yet.

  4. Brad Sams

    Let me know if they still havent shown up.