No episodes since Friday?


Overcast does not see any episodes beyond Friday. Is that an Overcast problem or are they not in the RSS feed?

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  1. fuzzsdad

    There is another post on this. You are not the only one.

  2. TheJoeFin

    Same here

  3. IanYates82

    Same for me - Podcast Addict. It puts a big red banner up saying the server is not behaving itself.

  4. schooner

    Same here

  5. daveevad

    I thought there might be an issue with the sync from Grover Pro (Win10 Mobile) so I unsubscribed. I now get an error when trying to re-subscribe. Perhaps there's an issue from the site.

  6. fuzzsdad

    In another post I reported I got it working again...BUT, it stopped working again. Did not pull todays podcast at all. Oh well.

  7. TigerBalm7

    Yep. No new episodes since Friday :-(, hopefully they get pushed soon.

    Re Grover Pro, I've tried to find the podcast in the store but search returns nothing. Not sure what's happening there

  8. Brad Sams

    We made a switch on the backend...let me know if you were able to grab Friday's episode