No FRD today, Paul’s house got hit by lightning


Over the weekend, Paul’s house got struck by lightning and a few things got fried…he hopes to be up and running soon (TM) but FRD won’t happen until everything is fixed.

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    As long as the family is OK and safe.

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    Yikes! Good luck Paul. The frustrating thing is sometimes things aren't broken immediately, but just damaged. When something fails in a few weeks it might still be related to the power surge. Our office building was hit recently and for some reason the only thing in my office that got knocked out was the power supply in an old desktop PC running Windows 7! A bunch of other much newer stuff survived.

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      In reply to Minke:

      I worked for a company back in the 80s, their factory was hit by a lightning strike. Next time I visited the factory, there was a long "wall" of dead DEC VT100 terminals, stacked 5 high and stretching for 50M down the corridor!

      They were classed as advanced technology (cough, splutter) under the USA's COCOM rules and couldn't fall into Russian hands! We had to get the whole lot certified destroyed - we had a government representative turn up and witness them going through the car crusher in the scrapyard next door to the factory.

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    We had a lightning strike in our neighborhood about two years ago, it fried the cable modem and the LAN ports on the router. Strangely, the wifi side of the router survived.

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    Scott Ross

    I hope he and the family are alright. I am pretty sure he has plenty of backups to get up and running sooner than later.

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    What did he think would happen, when he made less-than-gushing remarks about Apple in a prior FRD?

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    Not good news, looking forward to having you guys back and up to speed soon.

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