Overcast directory with First Ring Daily


Is there any chance First Ring Daily can be re-added into the Overcast directory?

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  1. christianwilson

    I have also noticed that FRD is not in Overcast anymore. I am still subscribed but no episodes have appeared this week. I don't see it when I browse the directory, either.

    Overcast doesn't have its own directory. It just pulls from Apple's Podcasts directory. Is it showing up in the Apple Podcasts app?

  2. thejoefin

    I have the same issue. From what I have learned reading from Overcast and other podcasts with this issue, the problem came when Apple introduced Apple Podcasts+. When this was introduced it changed the way the podcast directory worked and 3rd party apps like Overcast do not have access to the Podcast+ stuff so it created a big mess. Maybe Brad (or whoever set the podcast up) would have to take it down and relist it as a free podcast. Could also have had something to do with the way FRD was a paid and not freely discoverable podcast for a couple of years there.

  3. cchubbuck

    I’ve asked this direct to Paul and Brad on Twitter many times and gotten zero response, and I’ve also submitted it to Marco at Overcast…nothing. Guessing they’ll just shut and tell me what my dev here at work tells me when I say I have an app issue..”works on my machine” ;)

    Apple Podcasts still lists FRD, but it hasn’t been updated since April 27. Same for other podcast clients like Downcast…after I tried Podcasts, Overcast and Downcast…I kind of gave up…I’m not going to chase and switch apps for one podcast.

  4. dave.erwin

    You would think getting it back in Overcast (one of the most popular podcast apps) would be a priority. This was a PITA but I got it to show the new episodes by doing the following:

    1. Delete the current First Ring Daily from Overcast (what is with the formatting on these comments?)
    2. Search for First Ring Daily in the Apple Podcasts app
    3. Tap … and Copy Link
    4. In Overcast tap the + and tap Add URL
    5. Paste the link

    • Jack

      I added FRD to Pocket Casts, over a year ago, and then exported it to Overcast. Now it's just stopped updating with new episodes.

      Sorry for the late reply, I never checked back in the forum after it internal-errored when I clicked submit or post.

  5. dave.erwin

    Well, that worked, once... Monday's episode isn't in that feed in Overcast or Apple Podcasts. It does show up in PocketCasts. The last episode in Castro is #1239 April 27th.

    Guess I'll send something into the support black hole. I can find a way to listen to it, just trying to make them aware that some of the most popular ways that their podcast gets to people aren't working. You'd think that would matter. As I've said before it's similar to "if a tree falls in the woods"...

  6. Jack

    Oh my I forgot to check the forum before posting this issue <embarrassed face> there was a similar issue with FRD and Pocket Casts 10 months ago:


    Paul recommended in that instance to email [email protected] which I have just done.

  7. Jack

    The feed in Overcast is back in the directory and has the latest episodes.