Podcast Feed not Updating


My First Ring Daily podcast feed stopped updating on PocketCasts. I haven’t received a new podcast sing October 2nd. Any one else having this issue? Anyone know of a fix?

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  1. Brandonlpierce

    Mine is also stuck at 10/2. I removed and added it back using the url with username / password inserted method to no avail. I also use PocketCasts so I tried the Player FM app but no dice.

  2. the_writing_critic

    I have also tired re-adding the modified feed, to no avail. When I plug that URL into my browser, I am prompted to enter my username and password. When I do, the page asks me to enter it again.

  3. Awhispersecho

    I recently switched to Android from Windows Phone and I am having a terrible time getting First Ring Daily. On Pocket Casts it hasn't update since episode 9 from Oct 12th last year. I have tried 14 podcast apps so far and I can only get First Ring Daily on 4 of them. 2 of them are terrible and have ads with no option to pay to remove them. 1 of them is a pretty decent app but I can't organize my subscriptions and then there is Pocket Casts which hasn't updates in a year. The rest of the podcast apps won't even find the podcast or only find the free friday episode.

    Can someone help me with this either on Pocket Casts or recommend another good app. I have spent money on premium apps as well as my premium membership here and I can't listen to the damn podcast which is the main reason I pay for my premium membership. Really frustrated here and would appreciate any help. Thanks

  4. Ajwa68

    Having the same issue on iOS. Tried on pocketcasts, overcast and apple podcasts

  5. Alaina15

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  6. Alaina15

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  7. Brandonlpierce

    Update: Nothing I tried would fix it so i emailed support and was told there may be some setting with my account interfering. He then had me try again and it works now.

  8. the_writing_critic

    Not sure what changed, but I am able to access the premium rss feed now. And PocketCasts is working with the feed as well. Thanks, whatever was done!