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  1. angry tomato

    E3 2020 was just announced. Do you think with both next gen consoles makeing big debutes there that it would be wise for microsoft to go after Sony has there confrence? This would allow them to adjust price or anything else. From ps5. I heard this happed with ps4 and xbox one as ps4 was gonna ve 500 but then did 400 after seeing the xbox confrence.

  2. yoshi

    What are you thoughts on Shroud moving to Mixer? It seems like MS is really giving it their all to make this platform the place to be. Do you think it will end up paying off for them?

    EDIT: You just answered this all in your post. So, thanks!

  3. Kudupa

    Hello Brad, this is probably a two part question.

    1) So as of yesterday Mixer has two of the biggest streamers on their platform but will they be successful in the long run though?

    2) Will Microsoft throw its cloud and weight behind to go after Twitch in streaming esports tournaments like CSGO?

  4. willr

    Hey Brad, do you know if Microsoft is going to start taking dark mode more seriously in Windows 10? There is still so much stuff that hasn't been updated to dark mode, it's just not good

  5. Biswajit Deb

    With rumours that the PS5's next controller will feature advanced haptic/tactile feedback that can simulate the feeling of different textures or things (I.e. driving over different terrains, shooting different guns, etc), where does that leave Microsoft new 2nd gen Elite controller?

    We're still about 1 year out before the next Xbox releases so maybe next year's controllers will launch with new haptic feedback to counter the PS5.

    But then why bother releasing the 2nd gen Elite now if a more advanced version is coming with the next console. Why not wait till the next console?

    Maybe there won't be any new haptic feedback tech from Microsoft at all next generation?

  6. will

    Have you heard anything about Microsoft moving the Xbox platform from the current Windows 10 OS to the Windows 10X / Light OS that would be built specifically for Xbox? Either in the current hardware or the upcoming Scarlett release?

  7. madthinus

    Signing personalities to mixer, do you think this is going to get Mixer where it needs to be? Are they going to address the quality of the video feed? It was noticeable worst for me compared to Twitch.

    Any thoughts on Mike Ybara joining Blizzard?

  8. Bdsrev

    Hi Brad, is the trackpad on the Surface Pro X keyboard bigger than the trackpad on the Surface Pro 7 keyboard? The Pro 4/5/6/7 trackpad is too small :(

  9. gregsedwards

    I'm replacing my aging Jabra Elite Sport earbuds (which are awesome, BTW), and I'm probably going to go with the forthcoming Surface Earbuds. Will these be managed like the Surface Headphones...which is to say, via the Cortana app on iOS and Cortana Device Setup app on Windows? I noticed Android compatibility was specifically mentioned at the launch event, but not so much about how they'll work with iOS. I'm just curious whether they'll have any extended functionality with iOS. Do you know if they include any sensors that would allow them to be used as a fitness device (e.g., heart rate, etc.)? I suspect not, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks!

  10. deltaprime

    Hey Brad. Before E3 there were rumours going around of Windows Game Core, a project to get all Xbox games running on PC. These rumours seemed to be based on the State of Decay test. At E3 we got no announcement of Xbox games running on PC, and Game Core ended up being a tool for developers to use in development, not a way to magically turn your PC into an Xbox. So how did the rumour get so far off track from reality? Also is there an actual project at Microsoft to get Xbox games running on PC instead of this model we have now where a port to the Microsoft store is required?

  11. anoldamigauser

    With regard to chord cutting, have you installed an HD antenna, and if so, do you have any recommendations for antennae and integrating it with a home network? The streaming services with live TV run a little expensive and leave out PBS.

  12. sydney2k

    Hello Brad,

    given that we have the Surface Neo and the Surface Duo launching around Christmas next year, and we also have XBox Scarlett ("Trio"?) launching 'Holiday 2020', is it beyond the realms of possibility that the powers that be at Microsoft will launch all three devices on the same day? (Or even the same week?)

    Having said that, how much do the different divisions within Microsoft talk to each other? Is there only an official channel of communication, where the head of one division has to sign off on anything going to another division? Or is there informal chat going on, where one team in a division might hear something interesting going on in another division, and would like to know more?

    I think we have one example of that with the team building Flight Simulator 2020, where I assume they chatted to the Azure division to get all that Bing maps and weather data available for the game. Another hypothetical example might be the Surface team (or vice versa) chatting to XBox about Scarlett technology, for the development of a Surface gaming laptop.

  13. biqua

    Hey Brad,

    I'm new to this, so please bear with me.

    Compared to some other upcoming Intel 10th gen devices in a similar price bracket, the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3 almost feel a bit half hearted from Microsoft, in that there is still no Thunderbolt. Also now we have seen the Surface Pro X form factor, the Surface Pro 7 feels quite dated in design.

    Do you think they ran out of time to make the new form factor work for the Pro 7, or that the Pro 7 may have a shorter lifecycle as a result?

    Also the price jumps between SSD capacities remains high compared to the cost of drives themselves, and many may opt for a DIY upgrade evenin the Laptop 3, even if it voids warranty - are they shooting themselves in the foot on this one?

    I want a Surface Laptop 3 13.5, but am now wondering if it really presents value for money compared to some other ultrabooks.



  14. Pulagatha

    Will there be insider builds of Windows 10X that can be run on VMWare? Is Windows 10X being made with ARM in mind?

    • wright_is

      In reply to Pulagatha:

      10X is currently designed for Intel. Seeing as it is, allegedly, designed for dual-screen devices, a VM doesn't make much sense for testing.

      That said, I think that is a smoke screen.

  15. btrproducer

    Brad, with the Surface Pro 7 now available, would you recommend that business customers purchase a Surface Dock, or is there a USB-C option you would recommend people look at instead? If the aim here was to run multiple displays and offer additional USB ports. Thanks.