Questions for 11/22?


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  1. Markfurry

    ARM based PCs have been mentioned as being benchmarked on other sites. But I haven't heard anything from you guys. Are you embargoed?

  2. seapea

    Educated guesses on why 'Virtual Desktops' have not been made easily discover-able in W10 ? And why it was made so confusing to set up? This is one area I think they definitely should have 'stolen' from the Linux community.

  3. Ishevrin

    Brad/Paul I have a question Sometimes it feels like I am the only one thinking that phones and Bluetooth headphones near your head is not a good idea. As well as wearing a Apple Watch all day. Do you guys ever think about any of this?

  4. Shane

    I have a Surface pro4 (4th due to hardware issues)

    I would like to upgrade to a newer device. I do like the form factor and do use it without the keyboard.

    But do I go for the:- new surface pro, new Yoga or the new HP that Paul has.

    I could keep my pro 4 for the few basic things i use it in just tablet form.

    Its Just the new pro is only 7th gen not the new 8th of the others. And the new i7 surface 2 is just a little bit more than the others.

    Just looking for advice as you have used the devices.


    (Just ordered the new 5t. Will let you know how good this cheaper premium phone is)

  5. Sprtfan

    Bench marks have leaked of Windows on ARM devices that are benchmarking much lower than comparable chips running Android. (Android devices with a Snapdragon 835 are scoring more than double) Should this be something to worry about?

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