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    Do you believe there's honestly ANY chance of Microsoft doing something to make Windows 10 Mobile a viable choice for the standard smartphone user after the years of disregarding actual marketing, not listening to devs and users, and cancelling services? 

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    How much is x86 a crutch for Windows? I mean UWP feels like the future but the talk keeps returning to x86; should Microsoft simply give up the idea of moving forward with UWP and muddle on with .exe?

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    In an article today about Outlook updated for iOS, Paul mentioned that contacts management is coming to Outlook for Android.  My question is how do you guys manage your contacts now?  I'm new to Android as I've been longtime Windows Phone user and trying out Android now on a Nexus 6P.  I don't want Google to have my info so I'm not using Gmail for my account, I still use Outlook and when I get my contacts they don't have any photos for them.  I can manually add them but they end up disappearing.  I did try to add my outlook account just for contacts but it does the same thing there.  I don't really want to import my contacts to google but would like to see their photos when getting calls, emails, etc.

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    I have a surface pro 4.

    If I open task manager backround processes running is 38, how do i know if they all need to be running. I have turned some off in the past but they restart at some point.

    There is also 86 windows processes running.

    Combined they take up 40% of the memory without me actually doing anything. Is this normal.


    Side point. When's Mary Jo joining the team ??????

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    Word for iOS constantly freezes on my iPhone SE, yet it works just fine on my iPad Mini 4. I've tried rebooting my iPhone, powering off/on my iPhone, and uninstalling/re-installing Word on my iPhone - nothing had helped.

    All other MS Apps (Excel, Powerpoint, OneDrive, Groove, and Skype) work just fine on my iPhone SE.

    Any ideas?

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    Does Outlook Calendar on Android support creating/editing recurring events or not? Paul said it does in one of his latest articles about Outlook on iOS, but I can't find it anywhere on my Pixel...

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      In reply to MarkH:

      Thank you for addressing this on the show!  For posterity, I am an Office 365 subscriber, and I was primarily concerned with creating recurring events, so your answer was perfect and it's great to know I'm not going too crazy :-)

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    I have a friend with a Surface Pro 3. He is unable to install the last firmware update because the Surface is not recognizing that a battery exists. The device shuts down seconds after disconnecting if from the power cable. I can get it to the point where it shows the firmware installing, but then shuts down (Device is plugged in during those attempts). That cycle just keeps repeating itself. Any thoughts on how to get the Surface to recognize the battery again. I've tried just about everything. Thanks!

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    Do you guys have issues syncing contacts on Android? I have set up my Microsoft account as an exchange account (per Paul's article) and got some of the contacts from Outlook.com on my phone. However, my phone says I have 177 contacts from my Microsoft account, and Outlook,com says I have 162. I created a new contact on Monday this week, had it save to my Microsoft account, and have yet to see it show up on Outlook.com. Have you guys experienced anything like this? Why does Android's contacts sync experience suck so much? Thanks!

    I am using a Nexus 6P and Google's native contacts app.

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    Is there ever going to be another low end Surface like the Surface 3 or is the upcoming high end Surface Pro 5 the only option in 2017?

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    This isn't a help question but did you see the Grand Tour episode that aired during CES? Believe it or not, James May was using a Windows Phone

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    Here's a Windows 10 question for you.  When I use my work computer (Surface Book) at home and connect to my work VPN, I cannot use the apps on the start menu.  They are somehow blocked by the VPN.  Is there any work-around for this?

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      In reply to akubert:

      Is you computer domain joined?  If it is, it is most likely domain rules preventing you from using specific apps so you better talk to your IT department about that.