We Help Wednesday 12/13?


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  1. seapea

    Anyone have a way of turning off the animated thumbnails in the new YouTube app for Roku and xBoxOneS?

    the new app has been a real problem on the Roku, crashing the Roku at least once a day.

  2. johnlavey

    Do we have any knowledge as to whether Microsoft will be issuing a new Windows Insiders upgrade soon? before the holiday break? I believe that the last Windows Insider update was November 22.

  3. gregsedwards

    I prefer to keep personal and work appointments on separate calendars, but Exchange only uses my main calendar to show my availability to others in my organization. Is there a better approach than manually duplicating my appointments been multiple calendars? Or do I just have to use my work calendar for everything that affects my availability? Thanks!

  4. rtodd_us

    Getting an Xbox One X and moving the old Xbox One to the boys room. Currently I have the old Xbox One as my "home" Xbox so my family can play multiplayer under my Xbox Gold Subscription. My question is can my kids play games that I bought under my gamertag on both consoles. Also can they also get the benefits of gold subscription if I'm logged into both or do they need to get separate gold subscriptions. If I have to get gold subscriptions is there a family plan?

    Thanks in advance.

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