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    Microsoft mentions "exciting work with connected cars" in their blog post at https://blogs.windows.com/buildingapps/2016/12/13/cortana-skills-kit-cortana-devices-sdk-announcement/

    With the speed of the auto industry being glacial in the adoption of technology, it's usually hard to get excited for an announcement in this area. But since they called it out, can you envision a way that this part of the announcement would be interesting?

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      I think a topic that would be of interest would be home automation. you gave a good podcast on how your studio is linked up to your Echo and I would find it useful to learn from your setup. I have two echos now (one Dot, one original) and I have a Wink bundle on its way. I also have a garage door opener I can access on the web. Tying all this together into a voice controlled Alexa is my goal and growing it from there...

    what are the pitfalls?

    What do you use?

    what are the security implications?


    all great topics to talk about or write about





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    What happened to the screen requirement of Cortana devices?  Was it misinformation?  Do you think Microsoft has a chance in this space given the head starts of Alexa and now Google Home?

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      In reply to echew:

      I think it was very clear . If you want to use Cortana on a IoT devices that runs windows 10, you need a screen. If you want to use Cortana on a IoT devices that runs something else, screen is optional. 

      and yes I do believe they have a great chance, considering they already want to have Cortana on everything, not just things running windows. That is the key thing most others are missing today.