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    Do you think the Surface Pro line will continue to be  an Intel based 2-in-1 going forward? And so, will the Surface line be based on ARM chips?

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    Is everyone getting more spam once they are moved to the new Outlook.com ?



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      In reply to MrPKI:

      I was getting a massive amount of spam when first migrated over to the "new" Outlook Mail to the tune of over 200 per day. It was like a full time job just to go through my email. It was ridiculous.  

      After weeks of that mess, and researching anything I could find on the subject I finally found a partial solution. I didn't realize that Skype was on by default with the "new" Outlook Mail.  I clicked on the Skype icon and low and behold there were all my contacts from Window Live Messenger, with one exception...an unknown contact that I've never ever heard of.  I never migrated my WLM over to Skype no matter how much they prompted me, and I've never signed up for a Skype acct. of my own volition.  

      I was so ticked off.  I promptly blocked and deleted that unknown contact that was in the Skype contact list, which by the way didn't show up in my People app contacts.  The amount of my spam emails were reduced from over 200 per day to less than 20 per day. Still not ideal, but it was better than what I was dealing with since the migration to the new Outlook Mail.

      How that unknown person got in my contact list I don't know, because they weren't there the last time I used WLM years ago.   Microsoft must have combined my WLM contacts list into Skype with that default setting with the new Outlook Mail migration.  I continued to research how this could have happened and stumbled upon a forum thread through Google that sent me to a Skype forum where apparently a lot of Skype users had been inundated with a porn spamming bot. What do you know the unknown contact I had seen in my Skype contact list was discussed there too.  Coincidence? I think not.   Because upon getting W10 when it first came out one of the first things I did was uninstall Skype from my laptop, and I don't have it on my mobile device either.  Don't know if this will help you, but I would definitely check your contact lists for possible unknowns.  It significantly reduced my amount of spam in Outlook Mail.

      Now if I could just find a way to disable Skype in Outlook Mail I would be so happy. But due to the Baidu hacking fiasco in early Nov this year, it is impossible to disable/unlink your Skype acct. with your MSA.  I am so ticked, b/c I would have never even had a darned Skype acct. in the first place if it wasn't for that automatic sign in every time you sign into Outlook Mail!  Thanks a lot Microsoft for that headache!

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    Why won't my Windows tablet wake up when I push the stinking button? It's more reliable to power it off and then back on most of the time.

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    Whatever happened to the Microsoft/Wacom universal pen?  Inking requires the same kind of program as Precision Track pad.

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    Help android has made a mess of my outlook contacts.

    Paul and Brad I switched to android back in the summer and ever since I have had issue with my contacts. A couple of the contacts continuously get duplicated to the point there are 20 plus entries of one contact. When I add a contact it is forgotten or deleted within 24 hours. It is a mess. FYI I have a Google account and an outlook account set up on the phone and I'm using the out of box Android contact app.

    Have you've seen this issue?

    I was thinking of switching to a third party contact manager and any recommendations on contact management would be appreciated.

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    Xbox question.  I started using the One guide as just that, a TV guide for all my apps and live TV.  I have added ESPN apps ESPN Live and ESPN3 channels and several other HBO Go channels to my apps list.  However, it appears that it has not updated the information for 4 days.  This is okay for sites like HBO Go, but when I want to see something on ESPN Live "live" and get last weeks information that doesn't help.  Anyway to force a refresh on the one guide?  I have tried using the RT LT y trick, but that doesn't help as it only refreshes the home screen.  



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