We help Wednesday 12/7


Nedd help with something, put it here!

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    Guys, Brad had something come up today, so we're going to do two shows tomorrow, including the "We Help Wednesday" thing tomorrow morning. Sorry about that. ---Paul

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    My cat keeps fighting with unseen animals outside requiring trips to the Vet.  I was thinking that since I paid $110.00 the first visit a year ago that the price should just stay that way.  Think I'll let them know.... ?


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    Can anyone tell me if they can get the C2R Office 2016 to download updates on a metered connection? It does nothing even when I trigger it manually. It even tells me that it has detected that I'm on a metered connection and asks me if I want to download updates, but it doesn't even after I click "Yes".

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    I have an old HP Pavilion 4530 as a test rig. I recently upgraded from the HD to an SSD.  It can cold start in 12 seconds, resume from sleep in 7. All good. Except...after a new build on fast ring.  Every. Single. Time. I end up taking almost two minutes to resume from sleep or from cold boot. After a while, things get back to their speedy selves. Then the cycle repeats. Any ideas?

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    As Ive lived in the Microsoft world for everything.

    Moving to an android phone what simple advice can you give. Tips so I don't get stressed lol

    I used my dads iPhone once to try and help him and hated the experience.

    Loving my windows phone but realising time to move on.