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    Have either of you got positive proof that getting updates from local PCs on your LAN works?

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    I guess this one might be for Paul not sure if Brad is a reader. Paul, are the whispersync for voice Kindle books the same as an Audible book was thinking about signing up for Kindle Unlimited?

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    Does Outlook Premium allow more than one domain?  One thing Outlook(dot) com allows that Office365 does not is true e-mail aliases where you can change your send from.  Gmail and others do this.  True exchange makes you pick a default outgoing account that can't be changed on a per message basis, outlook(dot)com allows it so having multiple domains would be great.  

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    Have either of you tried (and therefore able to recommend) any Windows-Phone-style Android skins/launchers such as this one?


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      In reply to davidD:

      I tried one or two of these about a year ago when I switched from a 930 to a Nexus 5X.  I eventually gave up because the performance was sub-par and all it really provided was the appearance of WP8 without the attendant functionality.  I finally landed on Nova Launcher and came up with a personalized approach to Android that worked for me.  I still miss my 930 but I eventually got used to my 5X.

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    Not a question per se, but a crazy thought since the SD 835 was just released - 

    In order for a Surface device that functions as a phone to be useful you still need apps right for when the device is in "phone" mode? In order for it to appeal to consumers and to a lesser extent businesses you need to piggy back off of either the IOS/Android ecosystem or get the app developer to write a UWP app.


    As we know UWP apps haven't exactly taken off and may never now that we have W10 on ARM. We also know that the Islandwood bridge isn't close to feature complete (they don't even have ad SDKs supported yet) and a Swift bridge hasn't been announced yet. 


    Would it be completely crazy to wonder if Astoria is going to be reintroduced in a more locked down manner (remove the ability to sideload APKs) since the 835 is theoretically powerful enough to handle the Linux subsystem emulation better than preexisting chips and disabling sideloading would handle most of the piracy concerns. It still undercuts UWP, but I think that ship has sailed or won't be robust enough for years to come. 


    Hardware-wise it seems like its the right time to release a surface device that functions as a phone, but software-wise I can't see them doing that in the near future (this year or next) without better app support.