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    Not sure if I can ask two questions, but here it goes.

    Do you have issues with your Surface chargers failing? I am now on the third charger for the Surface Pro 2. And I can only get OEM chargers from third-parties now (bought a third-party charger once and it melted). It fails in the same place, where the Edison cord connects to the charging block. Looking at the new Surfaces, they seem to have the same basic design. I am hesitant to buy a new Surface if I am going to have the same issues with my chargers.

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    My son has a lot of content he had bought on his xbox 360/ one, over time. Films and tv shows.

    Is there any way to view this, load this, bought and paid for content onto another device to view.

    One device he would like to view it on is a Samsung tablet he has. (Android)


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    My apologies if this isn't the right place to be asking this question, but why is the new Dynamic Lock feature in the Creators Update tied to devices only? Why isn't there a timed lockout feature that's found on phones? 10, 15, 30 seconds until Windows automatically locks by itself? Then add the device lock as an optional feature on top of that? (There is a setting found under Windows Hello that asks when you require sign-in, but the only two choices are After Sleep and Never. I know you can sort of set this up through the legacy control panel by enabling the Screensaver, then selecting "none screensaver", then setting it to lock the device when the "none screensaver" kicks in ? but that's undiscoverable and painful).

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    A friend of mine asked me to help them pick out a new laptop. They said the really only need it to use the web and occasionally print things. So they said the wanted a cheap Windows laptop, or maybe a Chromebook. How compatible is a Chromebook with printers?

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    Let's add a discussion about the podcast suggestions thread to this conversation today. 

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    This time I have 2 part question.

    Will Microsoft ever bring their Skype text messaging integration to Android? What they have on windows phone is really good. 

    Also,  how can I replace Google now with Cortana on android and is it even possible. 



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    Any comments from the Microsoft RSA Conference keynote since the #SamsReport is a #security podcast? ;-)

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    Why does Microsoft have ~15 different products to communicate and coordinate with teams? (Skype, Skype4Business, Microsoft Teams, Groups, Email, Yammer, ...)

    And similar with planning tools: Outlook Tasks, Exchange Tasks, Wonderlist, Planner, Groups Tasks, etc.



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      In reply to casaout:

      The short answer is that they're building new stuff on top of and alongside old stuff that needs to live on because they have millions of paying enterprise users (and non-paying consumers) using it.  In practice, these things actually have different (though overlapping) uses.  I find this visual to be a simplified, but still somewhat helpful guide, at least for the business side of things:
      What Office 365 Service to Use


      This image was from a blog post last November when Teams was released: MS Teams Supercharges Collaboration for Millennials to Boomers

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    Do you think Skype will get support for 4K video in the near future now when the Logitech Brio webcam is making it available for the users?

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    As is likely the case with other Thurrott members and readers of this site, I have both a Microsoft Account and Office 365 subscription tied to the same e-mail address.  Most of the time, things work the way they're supposed to.  However, there are cases where this creates a problem, such as when someone outside my organization shares a OneNote notebook with me.  For whatever reason, it gets shared with the Microsoft Account identity and even though OneNote on my Windows 10 is aware of both identities, I cannot open the notebook.  I get a permissions error.  Any suggestions?  And do you think Microsoft will ever consolidate their two identity databases into one?

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    Do we know any more details as to how Microsoft is going to make updating Windows in low internet speed areas more bearable?

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    I think it would be great to have guest feature of other members of your team.

    You always mention so many others. The We Help Wednesday could have a focused section when a guest appears who has certain talents in a particular field.

    Even in the other days there are parts I'm sure you team could have an input too.