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  1. davidD

    By my understanding, Microsoft's strategy with hardware is to create new types of devices and show OEM partners how these devices should look, and for them to cater to lower price points. Therefore how much longer do you believe they will continue with Surface Pro now there are multiple Surface-like devices on sale?

  2. anchovylover

    With the EU unfairly on MS's case again in relation to W10 privacy options do you believe MS will introduce a simple ON/OFF switch for telemetry? Also, how can MS counter the misinformation over W10 privacy in general?

  3. Brumfondl

    I may just be being dense here, but is there a way to get "Settings" up in two different windows? e.g. if I have 'Update & Security" open and want to have "Display Settings" up as well. At the moment it will just usurp the window I had open before, and to be even more annoying it won't even put up the arrow so I can go back to the previous Settings page.

    Cheers for any insight into this you may have :)

    • jimchamplin

      In reply to Brumfondl:

      I've been intending to create feedback on this very thing!

      As far as I know, it's not possible. If you have Settings open and use a link somewhere else in the UI - example: you have Accounts open in Settings, and from the Desktop you open Display Settings, Display will replace Accounts in the window, and the back button will return to Accounts.

      I think I'll file that feedback today and put a link here so you can up vote it.

    • jimchamplin

      In reply to Brumfondl:

      https://aka.ms/S3uzxx https://aka.ms/Pygmxd https://aka.ms/Uxgr0y

      Three different feedback items that all talk about this. Upvote them happily! :D

  4. Shane

    Cheap windows tablets.

    What would you recommend ?

    Sorry nothing Apple.

  5. Mate Jovic

    Hi Brad.

    Although I really like Windows 10, there are still countless bugs in it, many of them are only minor, some have a larger impact. It affects almost all parts that have changed since Windows 8.1: WiFi, power management, multi monitor support, USB stack, start menu, you name it. Most of it isn't really severe, but leaves an impression of Win 10 being a permanent beta.

    In your opinion: will Windows 10 become more polished over the time, or do we have to live with that Linuxish experience: "works, kind of" :-)

    Thanks and keep up the good work.