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    Can we get a "what we use" article about the backend of Thurrott.com?  What Azure plan are you using?  

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    I'm curious what you guys can offer up for time management techniques, especially considering you two are less tied to a time clock than most jobs. Do you have techniques for setting and meeting deadlines? Tips on staying on track or reducing distractions? Keeping track of short term/immediate tasks compared to a long term goal.


    Also, hearing as much of a fan Paul is of video games, I'm curious how much you find you get to play in a day, and where it fits (before work, throughout the day, or after work).

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    So, im writing this not because i specifically want you guys to answer but i want MS to hear me and the problem i see with their feedback approach. I'm having issue with my laptop since MS started pushing Redstone 2 builds and all the feedbacks and data i have submitted haven't had any effect till now.

    Let me explain the issue, my laptop does not wake up or start when it goes to sleep and only way to turn it on is by pressing down the power button for few seconds and doing a soft reset. This happens every time and nothing has changed through all this build updates. Same thing happens even when i shut it down but since last two insider builds its little better.  I'm not sure if this is an issue because im using Haswell processor or this is actually an issue with windows 10 itself.

    I'm writing about this because MS might miss this issue and this will come back to bug them.

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    What is happening with Skype (ghost contacts, impossible to unlink, multiple skype account linked to one microsoft account) Any Updates ? Skype mingo updates ?

    Do you recommend OneDrive or Google photos to manage and backup pictures ?

    When MS will allow to move xbox profile to another Microsoft account. (Situation: dad buy xbox for his son. son use MS account of dad. Son growth up and need to move all game save and gamertag to his ms account....) It was possible on x360 but MS disable the feature.

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    I remember being a big proponent of Slysoft's AnyDVD back in the day. Does he have any current recommendations for similar software? Does he use the rebranded RedFox software? I remember him mentioning that he occasionally rips a DVD as part of his decluttering.

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      In reply to MattHewitt:

      Thanks for the recommendation. Let me know how the purchasing of Redfox goes. There are some horror stories on their forums about the company using third-tier credit card processors based in China because of the nature of their business. I think a lot of people were having trouble getting their purchases processed due to being flagged by tier one processors on the purchaser's side (Visa, Mastercard etc.) flagging them for fraudulent activity.

      Keep up the good work. Always enjoy your decluttering tips.

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    About podcasts.

    I listen to First Ring, Sams report, Windows weekly and What the Tech.

    Any other good ones worth listening too ?



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      In reply to Shane:

      It depends on what you like shane. For example, if you like technology and not just windows then you might like "android central podcast", "Ctrl+Walt+Del". If you like science then "Star talk", "science Vs" are good and if you like movies and TV then you should look into Collider movie talk and their shows.

      I personally subscribe to all of this and they are all good. 


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    I’ve recently purchased the Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard (featured in Paul’s Surface keyboard article) and like it for the most part. However, I’m finding the dual media and function keys really annoying. Particularly annoying is the rocker switch for changing between modes. I’ve been keeping it in function mode as F12 and F5 etc are essential for work however I find myself missing the single key press option for controlling volume from my old keyboard.

    So my question(s) :)

    Is there another way to change modes on the Sculpt Ergonomic without using the rocker switch? Shift, Alt and Ctrl don’t appear to work.

    Is there a Windows keyboard shortcut for controlling volume? I couldn’t find anything with a quick Google.

    Any recommended keyboard mapping solutions? The Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software for the Sculpt Ergonomic allows reconfiguration of some media keys but not volume.

    Finally, the Sculpt mouse has left and right switches on the wheel. Do you know if this can be reprogrammed, it would be great for navigating back and forth in Chrome. Again the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software appears to fall short here.


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    I'm looking for a portable Bluetooth speaker to mainly use in car for listening to Audible and podcasts.  My car doesn't have an inbuilt Bluetooth system, or even AUX port!  Needs to pair with my Nexus 6p.  I've tried using my old Lumia MD-12 speaker, but its not loud enough.  Looking to spend in the £50 range.  Ideas?

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      In reply to StevenLayton:

      I'm in the same situation and I've had very good luck with a bluetooth fm transmitter.  I'm using a Motorola roadster 2 that has a built in speaker.  This way I can use my car speakers or the built in.  Both work well but the built in speaker is not good for music but works well for voice.  

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    Ok this is probably so simple that it is driving me nuts.  Wife's computer no longer shows rotating photos on tile for the Photos app.  Yes, not earth shattering but for the life of me I cannot get this to work again - thought I was a computer nerd but guess not...Any suggestions?

    Of course I've tried turning live tiles off then on and unpinning the tile and pinning again.  No luck here at all of course you can't uninstall it and reinstall it either...

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    On the topic of photo management, curious how you manage storage on your phone: Once photos are synced/uploaded, how many weeks/months of photo history do you keep on your phone?  Do you clean out your Camera Roll and just keep a folder of Saved/Favorites?