We Help Wednesday 4/12


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  1. Shane

    This ones for Paul.

    I have been asked to do a house swap. What advice would you give. Website to use for all the information that would be needed.

    The person who asked is a friend of a neighbour. They are in the US I'm in the UK.

  2. StevenLayton

    Can Paul teach Brad how to pronounce more planet names from the Star Wars universe?

  3. dnation70

    has dona ever confirmed that 16170 is RS3

  4. ne0kn1ght

    With MS selling the Samsung S8 in their stores, do we have any word on Skype SMS relay being supported in Skype for Android? This function between my Windows phone and my desktop has been really useful. I have an S8+ on pre-order and would really love a similar solution between desktop and phone to make the transition easier. Any news or advice?


  5. Kudupa

    I want a streaming device but current systems such as Apple TV/Fire TV/Google's solutions are all walled gardens. So, I'm settling on buying Kangaroo PC. So, is it worth spending money on Kangaroo PC for streaming? is it still worth the money?

  6. Kudupa

    Do you guys have any idea on whats Microsoft's plan are? Its Windows 10 plans are meandering because UMP has failed, Phone is certifiably dead and if, Android grows up then it will be RIP Windows. I feel like Its extremely hard to support or cheer Microsoft nowadays.